Krzysztof Mróz

Krzysztof Mróz

Born on 8th May 1977 in Jelenia Góra.
Graduated in economics from the Faculty of Regional Economics and Tourism of the Oskar Lange University of Economics (at present University of Economics) in Wrocław, majoring in business management, in 2003.
2004–2005 and 2007−2015 − ran the office of the Sejm deputy Adam Lipiński.
2005−2007 – the director of the office of the Senate member Tadeusz Lewandowski.
2014−2015 – an assistant to the Member of European Parliament Dawid Jackiewicz.
2006−2015 – member of Jelenia Góra City Council.
Former member of the Social Council of the Provincial Hospital in Jelenia Góra and the Council of the Karkonosze College in Jelenia Góra.
Member of the Law and Justice political party.