Dorota Czudowska

Dorota Czudowska

  • Constituency No. 3
  • Terms: X, IX, VIII

Born on 2nd February 1953 in Żary.
She attended schools in Nowe Czaple and Żary, then graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Medical University of Bialystok in 1981. Obtained the first degree of specialization (1985) and the second degree of specialization (1991) in internal diseases. She also has a specialization in chemotherapy (2002) and clinical oncology (2004). She worked as a doctor in numerous healthcare institutions in Legnica. The positions she has held include senior registrar at the Provincial Polyclinic Hospital (1986–1988) and the director of the clinic of Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej i Mieszkaniowej (public utilities and housing management company) in the years 1983–1988. Between 1989 and 1992 she established  Ośrodek Diagnostyki Onkologicznej Społecznej Fundacji Solidarności (Oncology Diagnostics Centre of the Solidarity Charity Foundation) – she is the director of the Centre, where also works as a doctor at the oncology clinic. She specializes in prevention of cancerous diseases, particularly breast cancer.
2006–2011 – a deputy to the Dolnośląskie Provincial Parliament.
She is the president of the Polish Forum of EUROPA DONNA – the European Breast Cancer Coalition and Fundacja Pawła Jurosa (Paweł Juros Foundation); a member of the Polish Medical Association, the Polish Oncology Association and the  Chapter of Bractwo Henryka Pobożnego (Henry II the Pious sodality).
Member of the Solidarity Trade Union since 1981.
Worked in the Culture and Media Committee and the Health, Physical Education and Sport Committee in the Fourth Term Senate. Deputy chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and a member of the Health Committee in the Eighth Term  Senate.
Member of Law and Justice political party.