Dorota Czudowska

Dorota Czudowska

Senator of the 4 th, 8 th, 9 th and 10 th term Senate


She was born on 2 February 1953 in Żary.
She went to school in Nowe Czaple and Żary, and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Białystok in 1981. She obtained a first-degree specialisation in internal diseases in 1985 and a second-degree specialisation in 1991. She also obtained a specialisation in chemotherapy (2002) and clinical oncology (2004).
She worked as a doctor in various health care institutions in Legnica. She worked as Deputy Head of the Voivodeship Hospital Complex (1986-1988) and served as Head of the Inter-Departmental Outpatient Clinic for the Public Utilities and Housing Management Company (1983-1988). In 1989-1992, she worked to establish the Oncological Diagnostics Centre of the Social Solidarity Foundation in Legnica, where she serves as Director; she also works as a doctor in the Oncological Outpatient Clinic of this Centre. Her
field of specialisation is prevention of cancerous diseases, especially breast cancer.
From 2006 to 2011, she was a Councillor of the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship Sejmik.
In the 8 th term Senate, she was the Deputy Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee.
In the 9 th term Senate, she was the Deputy Chairperson of the Health Committee.
In the 8 th and 9 th term Senate, she served as the Deputy Chairperson of the
Polish-Hungarian Parliamentary Group.
She is the President of the Polish Forum of the European Breast Cancer Coalition EUROPA DONNA and of the Paweł Juros Foundation. She is a member of the Polish Medical Association, the Polish Society of Oncology and of the Henry the Pious Confraternity Chapter.
Since 1981, she has been a member of NSZZ ‘Solidarność’.
Member of the Law and Justice party since 2005.