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Senate of the Republic of Poland

Archives of the Breakthrough 1989 - 1991

"Archives of the Breakthrough 1989 - 1991" (Archiwa Przełomu) project has been implemented by the Archive of the Senate and the Archive of the President of the Republic of Poland. The project's aim is to provide online access to digital copies of documents and iconographic materials from the first years of the political and economic transition. Since the Senate of the Republic of Poland was the only democratic institution in Poland during the initial period of the transformation, the collection of the Senate's archives contains the majority of documents related to the activities of the Civic Parliamentary Club, which  gathered Deputies and Senators elected in June 1989 from the Civic Committee with the President of the NSZZ "Solidarity". The club comprised 161 deputies (35% out of 460 i.e. all mandates possible to obtain) and 99 out of 100 senators. The club existed until 1991, i.e. the accelerated, fully democratic elections to both chambers.
The Archive of the Senate produced a register of stored in the Senate materials from years 1989 - 1991. The Archive of the President of the Republic of Poland stores dossiers of the Chancellery of the State Council for the year 1989, documents of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland and documents of the State Election Committee from the June's elections of 1989, as well as materials from the first free presidential elections in 1990, won by Lech Wałęsa.
The aim of the project "Archives of the Breakthrough" is to involve all archives, including  private ones, comprising important documents from those years. An appeal has been made to all institutions and private persons in possession of information about these events or any documents, photos, posters, notes and souvenirs, to provide access with the view of producing digital copies.

Senat RP

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